Thursday, 5 April 2012

Time Needed to Assimilate Protein

How to know which aminoacids to use and when? Each aminoacids has its own rate of consumption based on its structure, such as fat and glucose. To allow an maximum restoration, the muscular builder must know the right aminoacids to use for each situation (awakening, post-workout, evening of sleep).

When to eat Quick taking in protein?

Fast taking in aminoacids must be absorbed in the day and after the exercise. The metabolic screen is the immediate need to provide the body with necessary protein and carbohydrate food. Protein consumption should be immediate and the consumption of these necessary protein should be at the earliest opportunity. This is why it is essential to eat meals that process fast such as trim seafood or prepared egg white wines. To roughly calculate the rate of consumption of meals, read its healthy values: the more meals contains fats, the more it takes longer to process and the more time its healthy value take to arrive at your muscular tissue. Also steer of materials because they can slowly the digestive function. Simple carbs can make an blood insulin raise and thus enhance aminoacids consumption. If you are a fan of pure whey protein aminoacids, remember to eat 3 to 4 tbsps of sweetie before consuming your whey protein shaker. You should know that the whey protein is easily merged when blended with freezing water because it results in the abdomen quicker than milk products.

Sources of easily digestible aminoacids.

Whey: 30 min
Egg yolk:30 min
Egg bright (cooked): 30 min
Lean fish: 30 min
Whole egg (cooked):45 min
Fatty fish:45 to 60 min
Brown rice:90 min
Lentils: 90 min

When to eat slowly taking in protein?

Slow taking in aminoacids should be absorbed before bed time to better battle against the muscular catabolism that happens mainly at night. Casein is the perfect aminoacids for this process because the length of its consumption is roughly 7 time. We find it as a aminoacids dust and also in milk products. White dairy products is full of casein: 200 to 300g to eat before bed time. Advanced necessary protein (soy, egg) are useful during the day. If your next food is 2 or 3 time away. A aminoacids with method rate of consumption will provide your muscular tissue regularly until your next food.

Accelerating the consumption of necessary protein.

The pure whey protein aminoacids is blended with milk products or water because a fluid meals is more easily merged than a strong meals. Food can be merged quicker if they are decreased in velvety; this is true for all healthy value. Before a exercise, you should not eat strong important because their digestive function is too long and could affect the exercise (fatigue). It is the same in the case of publish workout: to allow a fast consumption, aminoacids must be consumed in a fluid form. It is best not to eat strong meals 1 time before and 1 time after the exercise.

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